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It has been brought to our attention that a recent scam has targeted people in the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery space, and specifically people who may attend future, or have attended previous, NEDRIX conferences. Two companies in particular –  Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM / and Exhibition Housing (EHS / – are calling claiming affiliation with NEDRIX.

These companies are not involved with the NEDRIX conferences.

If you get a call from either company regarding the conferences, do not engage in any transactions with them. They are not connected to the conference or our hotel partners and are not able to offer any discounts on registration, room rates, or any other offers they may make.

Should you receive any such calls, please use this form to provide us with the name of the individual who called, and their phone number, so we may have the proper authorities look into their misrepresentation.

Should you have any questions, as always, you may call us directly at the number on our website.




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