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Is Your DR Plan Actually Setting You Up For Disaster?

By Alex Becker, vice president and general manager of Cloud Solutions, Arcserve

If you’re like most IT professionals, your worst nightmare is waking up to

Panorays Recognized As A Strong Performer In Cybersecurity Risk-Rating Solutions Report

New report says that Panorays “is best for S&R [security and risk] pros that want a dedicated tool to conduct all cyber-TPRM [third party risk

It Shouldn’t Be a Scavenger Hunt: Accessing Critical Recovery Information in Crisis

At many companies, emergencies are made worse because the crisis management team does not have ready access to vital, up-to-date data. In today’s post, we’ll

Report Seeks to 'Future-Proof' Texas From Climate Change Without Saying So Directly

(TNS) – To protect itself from the next major hurricane, Texas will have to build storm-surge barriers, shore up wetlands, buy out residents who live

Injecting quality into software development with industry-specific guidance on ISO 9001

Developing software is not always a straightforward procedure. An International Standard to apply the principles of the world’s most widely used quality management system enables

Members of the Providence Student Union Demand that Police be Removed From Schools

(TNS) – Thirty teenagers, members of the Providence Student Union, rallied at City Hall Wednesday to demand the removal of police officers from their high

Have we become desensitized to cyber attacks?

Not a day seem to go by without news of another cyber incident. As human beings, we learn to get used to things, and become

Cleanup, Damage Assessment Continues After Oklahoma Tornado

(TNS) – Officials are still assessing the damages left in the aftermath of a tornado that hit several properties near the Tenkiller Lake area on

The world of IT is changing – so why isn’t backup keeping up?

In many organizations the way that data backup is handled hasn’t changed much over the years, despite the fact that we are in the middle

Anchorage is Largely Safe From Tsunamis, in Spite of Warnings, Scientists Say

(TNS) – Four minutes after a 7.0 earthquake shattered morning routines in Southcentral Alaska on Nov. 30, residents got a smartphone alert warning of a

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