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Cyber Security and the Legal Sector

Cyber Security and the Legal Sector

It’s commonplace to see articles and discussions about cyber security and the law, but this article is not about that.

It is about cyber security and law firms, those august institutions with their lawyers, barristers, and attorneys.

Legal firms benefit from a sort of professional halo that makes it more difficult to question their probity and their cyber security.

Yet in the light of the Panama Papers data breach of last year, the legal sector may need to do some significant catching up in terms of protecting its own assets and those of its clients.

IT has brought benefits to legal companies, but has also multiplied their risks.

Legal firms often manage not only their own data and financial resources, but those of their clients too. They handle sensitive customer data, details about company operations including mergers and acquisitions, and initiate movements of client funds, including those destined to buy other companies.

Source: Disaster Recovery Journal

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