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Lack of Communication Can Damage Your Business

Lack of Communication Can Damage Your Business

When an emergency occurs, your team must be ready for any eventuality.

That could mean everything from knowing where the closest exits are in case of fire to understanding how to communicate with vendors and customers in case of an extended power outage or cyber-attack. Unfortunately, many organizations are under-equipped to share the information with the right people at the right time — a requirement to ensure seamless operations can continue even under duress.

Damaging Emergencies

In any given year, there are hundreds of workplace homicides, making workplace violence and active shooter situations a reality that must be addressed. With over 40% of small businesses failing to re-open after a weather-related or another major disaster, the evidence is clear that emergencies must be handled in a timely and proactive manner. Whether disasters are caused by human action or by nature, effective communication is cited by human resources professionals as being a critical part of disaster recovery.

Notes David Rusenko, CEO, and founder of Weebly, “It’s hard to figure out where to prioritize when your business is hit by a natural disaster. While you get organized and figure out a plan, it’s critical to communicate as quickly and transparently as possible with your existing customers and new customers who are searching for you online.”

Crisis communication can take many forms, including instant notifications triggered by operations, technology or human resources personnel. This communication lets employees know how to continue operations during an outage or how to signal that they are safe during an active shooter incident, just to list a couple of examples. Without a comprehensive communications platform in place, it can be much harder to ensure that everyone has made it to safety.

Source: Disaster Recovery Journal

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