Sponsor Advertising on NEDRIX.com

Sponsor Ad Units

NEDRIX is pleased to offer our sponsors an opportunity to reach our community through the placement of advertisements on our site. NEDRIX facilitates public-private coordination before, during and after crises and events. Your sponsorship places you in front of disaster management and continuity professionals in both the private and public sectors. Our website is a meeting place and resource for these professionals and an excellent way to get your business or product seen by key decision makers.

Our advertising space is only $50 per quarter!

300x250_uapIt conforms to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) guidelines for a 300×250 pixel ad unit – an example of which is to the right.

Files submitted should be:

  • 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high
  • 45kb in total file size
  • 15 seconds or less in length, if animated.

Your ad will be included in page rotations on both our home page and interior pages.

To place your ad, contact Renee Garrahan at [email protected]

Paid Advertising on NEDRIX.com

If you would like to place a paid advertisement on NEDRIX.com, please complete our advertisement placement form to get started. We will review your ad and begin running it once approved.

Vendor Information Requests

The value of  Exhibiting with NEDRIX allows you to make face to face contact with potential customers or reconnect with existing customers. NEDRIX conferences provides your organizaiton with:

  • Lead generation vehicles which include in person events, industry specific magazines, and on line marketing.
  • You can revisit your existing customers and cement your existing client relationships
  • Undoubtedly develop new business leads and have an opportunity to influence buy side decision makers to ensure future growth
  • Exhibitions continue to attract a high quality audience before, during and after national recessions

If you would like information about vendor, exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, please complete the form below and we will get right back to you.