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Category Archive: Continuity Central News

Cyber attacks 'reach a new intensity' while security fails to keep up

A sharp increase in the number and cost of cyber attacks is the key finding in a study of more than 5,400 organizations across seven

Researchers find that the impacts of successful cyber attacks can last for up to five years

Researchers at Warwick Business School have found that security breaches have a lasting impact on organizations, with breached companies typically paying lower dividends and invested

BSI publishes analysis of global supply chain risks

BSI has identified five major themes that are most likely to impact the supply chain through 2019; these are described in the SCREEN Global Intelligence

IT resilience is central to a successful digital transformation

Steve Blow explains that while businesses must remain consistently focussed on digital transformation in order to not fall to the back of the pack, digital

Business continuity risk assessments: is looking at likelihood a waste of time?

Charlie Maclean Bristol discusses whether you should consider likelihood when conducting a risk assessment as part of the business continuity process. Do you need to

The winners of the BCI Americas Awards 2019

The Business Continuity Institute presented its 2019 Americas Awards at an event on April 14th at the Continuity Insights conference in New Orleans. The awards

Organizations where risk management has a seat at executive management meetings are more likely to have high-performing programs

73 percent of high-performing risk programs that have risk management represented in executive management meetings (most or all the time) are more likely to exceed

WHO Emergency Committee expresses 'deep concern' about Ebola risk

A recent meeting of a WHO Emergency Committee convened to consider the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has concluded that there

Environmental 'secondary perils' are becoming an increasing threat says Swiss Re Institute

The catastrophe loss experience of the last two years is a wake-up call for the insurance industry, highlighting a trend of growing devastation wreaked by

Digital transformation: why business continuity and data security are key

Don Boxley looks at some important questions that need to be asked to ensure that business continuity and data security are considered during digital transformation

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