To facilitate communications, capabilities, community support and relationships, resources and education to provide coordinated private sector support to public sector needs during a crisis or event.

NEDRIX Public Private Sector Coordination provides expeditious and efficient support, response and recovery by a trained rapid response team to any emergency management Emergency Support Function (ESF) Desk or our own Virtual Business EOC.  This group will provide improved and developed access to resources, information (Situation Reports) and services that will adapt to and support any state or federal emergency management agency in the Northeast during a major disaster or event.

Rapid Response Team Objectives:

  • Business-to-Business collaboration, planning and communications
  • Direct interface with Public Sector Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) during a disaster
  • Bi-directional information sharing between Public and Private Sector organizations before, during and after an event
  • Improved situational awareness and a shared common operating picture focused on  business and community disaster support – providing actionable data and guidance
  • Leverage private sector’s extensive infrastructure and qualified personnel to plan, respond and assist in coordinating regional response and recovery efforts.
  • Facilitate community resiliency by aligning and coordinating private, local state and federal resources to optimize disaster preparedness ensuring businesses resume operating and communities recover quicker.