Q. Who are NEDRIX members?

A.We are professionals in the public and private sector with an interest in emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, or disaster recovery. Experience levels range from novices in the industry to experts with over 35 years experience. NEDRIX itself is a not-for-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers.

NEDRIX membership provides you with real time notifications based on the states you subscribe to, as well as with industry news, events, trends, conferences, networking, and more!

Q. Why should I consider NEDRIX compared to the larger, national organizations?

A. Glad you asked. The Top Five Reasons:

  • Like the national conferences, NEDRIX meetings and conferences offer current topics and issues that have industry-wide and national impact and appeal.
  • Our speakers are local and regional. Thus we address national topics plus add the local/regional interest and impact.
  • We also discuss a wide range of local and regional topics that can impact our members immediately.
  • We are the only organization to send local emergency information to our members by means of a notification system, NEDRIX Notify. As a member you can customize the content (preferences on state, contact methods, etc.).
  • NEDRIX members immediately reap the benefits of our Private / Public Sector relationships as we continue to work within all six North East States to bring improved partnering and bi-directional communications from our state and federal emergency management partners.
  • Bonus Reason: We have a seat at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Framingham MA. During declared state emergencies, you will be notified and updated about the event via NEDRIX Notify, our emergency notification system network.

Q. Is there a fee to become a NEDRIX member?

A.  NO! There is no fee to join NEDRIX.

Q. If I join NEDRIX, will you sell my information to other groups or companies?

A. No. NEDRIX does not sell membership information to other groups or companies.

NEDRIX values its relationship with you and the importance of protecting the privacy of your information. We do not collect personal information without your consent; if you do consent, we use this information to support the nature of the relationship (for example, membership subscriptions for alerts, announcements, etc. or registering for an event) that you have with NEDRIX.

Q. There are so many Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning conferences available, why should I attend one by NEDRIX?

A. Let’s do another Top Five Reasons:

  • NEDRIX conferences provide the same essential content and topics as the nationals. In fact, several of our speakers also speak at the national conferences.
  • We offer our conferences at a significantly lower expense to our members. We eliminate high overhead costs and keep the location of our meetings in the Northeast.
  • NEDRIX provides easy interaction with peers through our hosted events. If you are based in the North East area, isn’t it better to network and establish ties with another North East area professional than someone in San Diego?
  • NEDRIX is aware of the competition. So we ensure that the NEDRIX presenters and presentations are dynamic and relevant to today’s business concerns, both nationally and locally. We do this while keeping the costs to attend affordable and much lower than the other organizations.
  • You can have input to our topics and speaker selection. If you want a topic or speaker to appear at one of our conferences, just ask! We will see what we can do. Further, please join one of our committees to work on our events.

Q. If I attend a NEDRIX Conference, will I receive vendor solicitations?

A. Maybe. As stated above, NEDRIX does not sell membership information to other groups or companies. However, NEDRIX shares selected information from the seminar or conference attendee registration list. This list is included in the attendee and exhibitor materials.

Q. Are EAP points available for NEDRIX conference attendance?

A. Yes. NEDRIX members who hold professional certification are eligible to receive Educational Activity Points (EAPs) for each conference or seminar they attend.  Review the conference program for information / EAP points.

Q. What is the purpose of the Public-Private Sector Teams?

A. The Public-Private Sector Team has been setup to provide bi-directional communications and training assistance for federal programs (such as the STEP program). Additionally NEDRIX is the liaison between public and private sector issues and initiatives. We have a seat at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Emergency Operations center (EOC) in Framingham MA. During declared state emergencies, you will be notified about the event via NEDRIX Notify, on an emergency notification system network.

Q. How do I become a member of one of the PPS Teams?

A. Send any inquiries to [email protected]

Q. How does NEDRIX interact with governmental agencies?

A.  We do this several ways:

  • NEDRIX acts as a liaison for communications before, during, and after a potential threat or actual crisis. This gives our members information to provide for employee safety and protection against a business interruption.
  • We partner with public agencies on Public-Private Sector initiatives such as Pandemic Preparedness
  • We have government agencies speakers at meetings and conferences
  • Several NEDRIX members are governmental response agency employees

Q. OK – you have convinced me! How do I join NEDRIX?

A. Just click here