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Key Decisions To Be Made During a Cyberattack

Key Decisions To Be Made During a Cyberattack
What Two Questions Do You Need to be Prepared to Answer After a Cyberattack?

In this day and age, it’s prudent to think of a cyberattack as a “when”, not “if” scenario.   The truth is, your network is under attack right now and the tools and techniques utilized by your IT and Cybersecurity teams are (hopefully) keeping the bad actors at bay.  But what happens in the event of a breach?  Is your Crisis Management Team ready to answer the most difficult questions?

Most of us are (at least theoretically) familiar with the technical aspects of cybersecurity.  They include network security, intrusion prevention and detection and cyber forensic tools to contain and eradicate the threat.  But it is equally important to have a clearly defined response plan for your Crisis Management Team.  While the techies are off working to resolve the breach, your leadership team will need to mitigate impact to your organization’s reputation, operations and financials.  And the best way to accomplish this is to a) have a pre-defined cyber response plan in place and b) consider several key decisions that your organization might face during the crisis.

Source: Disaster Recovery Journal Key Decisions To Be Made During a Cyberattack

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